01 January 2030 @ 12:00 am
DO NOT ARCHIVE MY WORKS WITHOUT PERMISSION. You're free to save a story to your hard drive, but any story that has been deleted should NOT be made available to the general public. (A closed comm or locked post where random people can solicit deleted stories still counts as public.) Think of it this way: if a published author stops her books from being reprinted, you're always free to share your copy with a friend. You cannot, however, scan the book and post it online for everyone to read. Please don't be a jerk.

My fan fiction is tagged fic+by+scroll on Dreamwidth. You can also find my stories on Archive of Our Own: scrollgirl. Some stories include non-con/dub-con. Please read the headers for warnings.

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24 September 2014 @ 12:17 am
I haven't watched any new TV yet! Hopefully I will find time this weekend, but work has been too busy. My list of shows to watch is relatively short and may become shorter very soon:

Shows I have to at least try out:
  • Gotham
  • The Flash

Shows I may give up very soon:
  • Agents of SHIELD - I have no enthusiasm for this show. Even though I love a handful of the characters, I utterly loathe most of the plot choices and basically want to write AUs in which certain characters just vanish off the face of the earth and/or drop dead on the spot (I'm not too picky on which) and other characters get happy, fulfilling lives as a team of badass agents who save the world on a regular basis.

Shows I can't wait to see (again):
  • Elementary
  • Castle - but seriously, that cliffhanger was ridiculous
  • AGENT CARTER - though if the showrunners take their cue from Agents of SHIELD, I'm gonna be singing a very different tune

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19 September 2014 @ 09:39 pm
I can't believe sga_santa is closing after this year! Well, I suppose it's fair given that the show is long over and the fandom has died down so much. But still, it's the end of an era... While I'm tempted to participate one last time for nostalgia's sake, I've defaulted on all my ficathons this year. It's incredibly sad, how little writing I've done in 2014. Stargate was my most prolific fandom, too. :(

But I would love to see other people sign up for SGA Secret Santa! For folks who have a LiveJournal, you can sign-up here. Alternatively, you can sign up on this post if you don't have an LJ. (And I realize after typing this paragraph how outdated "LJ comment"-style sign-ups are compared to sign-ups done on Google or AO3.)

If you're looking for something more low-key than a fic exchange, then check out [community profile] space_swap's Space Fest! This is a chance for you to create fanworks based on a prompt you've claimed. All forms of media are welcome, not just fic!

Prompt claims opened yesterday and stay open throughout the posting period. The last day to post your fanwork is November 6, 2014.

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20 August 2014 @ 11:18 pm
*waves* Hi, guys. I'm... not really here? But I figured this was something I could cross-post, you know, in case you wanted to hear about art I've seen recently.

Admission to the AGO is free on Wednesdays, 6:00pm-8:30pm, so I decided to swing by after work and take a look at some of their current exhibits. Photography is hit or miss for me, but there's a new collection that spans the history of photography from the 1840s to today. I hadn't realized it'd been invented so early!

I also saw Fan the Flames: Queer Positions in Photography, which opened during Pride Week, I think. Mostly photography as well, but somehow the queer focus, the activism implicit in the art, the commentary, elevated it for me beyond a series of well-designed shots. A decent balance of dykes and gay men, mostly white people but with black drag queens well-represented. A whole table of gay men's magazines with buff naked guys. The Vanity Fair cover with k.d. lang and Cindy Crawford. *g* Some genderfuckery that I probably would have failed to appreciate five years ago, but which I really enjoyed.

Then I wasted time in the European Art gallery, revisiting the Dutch and Belgian painters--they're gorgeous, so I can't just walk past them even though I've seen them before. I stopped at the metalwork (see nautilus cup above) because there's a bit of Daja Kisubo in me--metals are so much more interesting than textiles. (Sorry, Sandry.)

Before and After the Horizon: Anishinaabe Artists of the Great Lakes looks really fantastic and I didn't get to spend nearly enough time there. I love Norval Morrisseau's art, all bold colours and well-spaced shapes, everything balanced, nothing crowded. But there were new artists I'll need to check out more carefully. Again, I prefer metalwork and paintings over photography and textiles, but that was at a quick first glance. I don't know much about Aboriginal Canadian art, let alone this Anishinaabe school, so I definitely have to come back.</p>

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This is an unpopular opinion, I suspect, but I really really hate those posts that mock Harry for naming Albus Severus after Snape (and Dumbledore), and basically argue that Harry should have named his kid after Remus, Neville, Fred, etc. -- anyone but Snape. And yeah, I totally accept that argument if you're saying that Harry should have backed the hell off and let Ginny name one of her own children, because dude -- I feel you there.

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06 July 2014 @ 01:50 am
I've been offline for the past week, just letting my queue run on Tumblr. It's been refreshing not to be constantly checking for fanart and gifsets, but the downside of that is I've missed out on people's actual real-life updates. I'm starting to sound like a broken record -- my intention was to start posting again on DW/LJ now that school is over, but I've been letting myself get distracted.

Recently the thing that's been eating up all my time is this Criminal Minds/Highlander crossover fic that I've been toying with, off and on, for about three years. Nearly every waking hour this past week has been devoted to either marathoning old episodes of Criminal Minds or plotting out a story that is (realistically) almost never going to see the light of day. Oh, but it's such a fun crossover! The premise is hitting all my narrative kinks and working out the story is definitely feeding a creative part of me which has been stagnant for months.

The deadlines for the Freebird Big Bang and the Agents of SHIELD Big Bang are coming up, but Hotch and MacLeod are eating my brain.

In other news, a VERY happy birthday to a dear, dear man...

Happy Birthday, atpotch!

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27 June 2014 @ 04:23 am
Exams are done, at least until I find out whether I failed that last one or not. These past couple of days have involved a lot of sleeping and eating and watching old episodes of Criminal Minds. I also spent today making tarot cards, or at least an approximation of them--it's the major arcana using MCU characters. I've also posted it in pieces on Tumblr here.

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02 May 2014 @ 12:05 am
When Mag7 fandom defended white Southern gentleman, Ezra Standish, because they wanted to pretend he wasn’t actually kinda racist, and spent their time and energy hating on Nathan Jackson, former slave. [Note that this show is set a few years after the American Civil War, during which time NATHAN WAS A SLAVE OWNED BY WHITE PEOPLE. Yeah.]

When Spike fans applauded the white man who stole an article of clothing right off the body of the dead black woman he’d killed. When Spike fans explained that souled!Spike was now wearing this article of clothing as a reminder of his past, and that he had more right to it than the woman’s only child (Robin Wood) or the Slayer who was her spiritual successor (Dana). [Note that they also wanted to keep selling Spike action figures with his trademark leather jacket.]

When Marvel fandom explained how HYDRA wasn’t really a Nazi organization any more, it had “branched out” and did lots of criminal activity, and also recruited POC now, so therefore it wasn’t really rooted in white supremacy any more. When Marvel fandom made these arguments in response to campaigns promoting greater diversity in the MCU/Agents of SHIELD and less racist portrayals of characters of colour.

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20 April 2014 @ 12:54 pm
Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! I hope my pairings and prompts spark your writing muse! While I have my own suggestions for the story you're writing, of course it's entirely up to you. But just so you have a starting point, let me say that what I want more than anything is for you to write a story about characters of colour and/or canon female characters being awesome. I want the white male characters of the MCU to take a backseat, given that they get more than enough attention in canon. *g* Cutting for length...Collapse )

More generally, I love fanfic with lots of banter, people who actually empathize with/understand each other, friendship, and teamwork. On the other hand, I also like a bit of angst and situations that create misunderstandings and barriers which the characters need to overcome in order to be together.

In terms of sex scenes, in case that's something you're interesting in writing, I don't have triggers and very little squicks me. Painplay, blood, and hardcore BDSM scenes don't do it for me. I really love verbal humiliation, manhandling (and size differences between characters, if it exists), hot and heavy make-out sessions with clothes still on (there just aren't enough stories with hot make-outs!), and desperate needy sex. I also like dubious consent, but I know not everyone's okay with that.

If you have any questions, you can leave an anon comment in this post!


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11 February 2014 @ 03:01 am
I’m really, really enjoying BBC’s The Musketeers! My biggest complaint is that the ratio of men:women is badly skewed, but the women we have had so far are so much fun! There have only been four episodes so far, so I hope more women will be introduced.

The reason I couldn't keep watching BBC’s Merlin (which is the BBC show I can’t help comparing to The Musketeers since Santiago Cabrera was Lancelot and now is Aramis) is because the characters all began as friends and then had their lives torn apart, their friendships betrayed. It was just too sad to watch! Merlin's sexism throughout Season 1 also left a bad taste in my mouth and I gave up by early Season 2. I know some fans enjoyed Morgana as the antagonist, but I personally hated how she got there. On The Musketeers, Milady de Winter is introduced as a spy and career criminal, a woman in full possession of herself. Rather than dread her “inevitable” villainy like I did with Morgana, I’m enjoying the revelation of her backstory.

Basically, I'm not worried The Musketeers will hurt the same way Merlin did. Given their motto of all for one and one for all, I'd like to believe any future betrayals won't be personal, only political, and that friendships will last even if some of the characters end up dying along the way. Maybe I’m weird like that, but I can handle character death better than I can handle character betrayal.

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